Mask Group 3


Koba industrial has extensive experience in electric motor seals, pump seals, explosion proofing & water proofing

Mask Group 1


With over 20 years experience with Babbitt bearings. We will try to cut costs and time when a piece of equipment is not running


From hydraulic cylinders used on heavy machinery to pneumatic door cylinders on rail cars hauling coal. We can improve efficiency in many different hydraulic & pneumatic applications


In most cases we can improve most pneumatic systems further than their capacity

High Voltage Insulators

Whether it’s a switch yard, high voltage disconnect or an air blast circuit breaker we have over 15 years experience with electrical contacts and high voltage insulators

electric motor

Electrical Motor

We have over 20 years experience in electric motor repair. From boiler feed pump motors to water circulating motors

Custom fans and blowers

Custom fans and blowers

With a fully capable ability to fabricate, machine, and dynamic balance industrial blowers and fans in all industrial applications



We at Koba pride ourselves of our experienced and high quality machine shop


595 West 66th St • Loveland, CO • 80538

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